Skewers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skewers:

This she repeated until her skewer would bear no more weight.

When you put it away after dinner, skewer on again the skin.

Skewer the livers and gizzards to the sides, under the wings.

Lift them out with a skewer, and drop them into hot fat (see French Frying).

Does it mean that when you are a representative you will not scruple to skewer M. le Marquis?

Or the leaves may be fastened with a butcher's skewer, or any sharp stick.

You can have my skewer if you like'—and he gave Racksole his searching instrument.

The skewer was put in the day before, and was to be left in for forty days.

Dip the filets in this, roll, skewer into shape and dredge with flour.

Wipe dry, brush with oil or butter and tie or skewer in shape.