Skidded [verb]

Definition of Skidded:

slide against will

Synonyms of Skidded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skidded:


Sentence/Example of Skidded:

I went racing, but a half mile north I skidded into the ditch.

As we came in, we found we had a belly landing on our hands, so we skidded her in.

He skidded and fell, and had to run at a slower pace to keep his footing.

His foot hit some of the rubble on the ground at the last second, and he skidded.

One piece of it skidded away, clattered down into the depths.

Shattered rock was thick on the floor, and they skidded and tumbled over it.

I skidded—or the bicycle did—and I fell off and cut my wrist.

Lester flopped heavily, and skidded across the bottom of the 'drome.

He skidded to a halt and blazed away at one of the oil drums.

One of my trucks got out of control and skidded into the front of the shop.