Skies [noun]

Definition of Skies:

earth's atmosphere

Synonyms of Skies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skies:


Sentence/Example of Skies:

Commerce crowds our rivers and rails, our skies, harbors, and highways.

Then the lightning ceased for a while and the skies were almost dark.

But, for want of a form of words in which to express the idea, it returned to the skies.

Why not live nobly and idly in the most beautiful of cities, under the most beautiful of skies?

Neptune took the ocean, Pluto the center of the earth, and Jupiter the skies.

The Queen of Heaven may often be seen standing in the skies, dividing the wind with her sword.

There was a crash of thunder, and he flew up to the skies and disappeared.

The messenger of the skies dismounted, stepped into the tree and looked about him.

Hens and hounds picked and licked it up, and all flew up into the skies.

I will bear him to the skies,That he may have the greater fall.