Skiff [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skiff:

Laurent selected a skiff, which appeared so light that Camille was terrified by its fragility.

The skiff left the bank, advancing slowly towards the isles.

In about ten minutes we had him in the skiff rowing off to the Patience M.

He jumped to the stern and caught hold of the skiff's painter.

I p'inted the skiff the way she'd ought to go and laid to the oars.

There were only two oars in the skiff, but I could get on perfectly well with one.

I swung into the channel and set the skiff's bow against the current.

Then, wading along the slippery bank, I brought her to the skiff.

All the way home I kept my gaze fixed on the bottom boards of the skiff.

The headway of the skiff was slow, but my efforts were not silent.