Skilled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Skilled:

The youth's pale face flushed with the pride of the skilled workman.

Canst not give a name to it, and thou so skilled in leech-craft?

Take, for example, the prescience of a skilled business man.

He was a skilled man at this, none more so; nevertheless he failed.

Some scratch a little deeper than those who aren't so skilled or so strong.

The family of dwarfs were skilled blacksmiths and metal-workers.

The young men, skilled as they were, grew heavy with weariness and despair.

Those who are skilled at the art can still make the Blowing Stone sound.

Also, a premium can be contracted for, in the way of free association, for skilled labour.

He was young, well-spoken, witty, and skilled in all martial and manly exercises.