Skillfully [adverb]

Definition of Skillfully:


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Sentence/Example of Skillfully:

All the service he could render, he rendered promptly and skillfully.

Then lift each plant with a spade or mattock slowly and skillfully.

All these riots must be the result of a skillfully laid mine.

So skillfully is this done that it is impossible to detect the lines of jointure.

He caught them skillfully with his right hand, his hat still in his left.

It has an alluring plot, and is well and skillfully worked out.

He unsealed it skillfully by aid of steam, and, on reading it, seemed pleased.

Ah, Josephine, the deed was admirably planned and skillfully executed.

The plan was so skillfully managed that the Roman ships were almost all destroyed.

Skillfully had the Chief of the Hundred Valleys chosen his position.