Skimmed [verb]

Definition of Skimmed:

remove the top part

Synonyms of Skimmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skimmed:


Sentence/Example of Skimmed:

This should be skimmed off as it forms, for it is a detriment to the jelly.

"He could have lived on the skimmed milk we feed to the pigs," thought Martin.

The cream was skimmed off, and only very thin milk was left in the dish.

And yet you have only skimmed the beautiful river's surface as a swallow skims a lake.

When you have boiled and skimmed it, pour it over the lemons and cover them.

"That is to say I—I skimmed over it before it was done up," he said in confusion.

Tanned leather is best cleaned with nitrous acid and salts of lemon diluted with water, and afterwards mixed with skimmed milk.

Make it into cakes, let them stand to rise again, and wash them over with skimmed milk before they are put into the oven.

He then skimmed the broth with a frying-pan, tasting it every now and then, to see if it was done.

My intent gaze was riveted upon my bait as it skimmed the surface.