Skimping [verb]

Definition of Skimping:

be cheap or frugal about

Synonyms of Skimping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skimping:

Sentence/Example of Skimping:

"Now we'll not have to skimp so with things," said Mrs. Twig happily.

Have good cake when you have any, and do not try and skimp on the materials.

But Fritzing would not skimp any part of his farewell ceremonies.

Theyve a pretty good substitute for Skimp; at least I think that Bunty will play a good game.

He began to skimp a little and I found out afterwards that one reason he grew so thin was because he did away with his noon meal.

Overcoats were cut as simply as possible, though they did not skimp the material but made them wide and loose.

We'uns has ten chillun and sometimes we has to skimp, but we gets on.

"You ain't called to skimp yo'self none on dat rice," she told him confidentially.

Then as the sober days of manhood came, and Landy witnessed the finish of the improvident and foolish, he began to save and skimp.

Fong liked the work at the Diamond H; he also like the generous wages and not having to skimp in any way.