Skimpy [adjective]

Definition of Skimpy:

sparse, inadequate

Synonyms of Skimpy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skimpy:

Sentence/Example of Skimpy:

Why had she not prevailed over her mother's fear of being "skimpy?"

Not that it wasn't simple enough, but it sure was skimpy above the belt.

It is skimpy in the extreme, but at any rate it is something.

The flesh all these skimpy ones had lost, solid people had put on.

What with the skimpy skirt and the high heels she could scarcely walk.

Their skimpy portions of stew were spooned on magnesium plates.

They were in a starving panic to get back to the skimpy flesh-pots of a darker Egypt.

The skimpy crowd had milled about for a half hour screaming "Author, author!"

You enter the tree-level through a fringe of skimpy and wind-beaten scouts.

His clothing was on the skimpy side when uniforms were subtracted.