Skinflints [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skinflints:

He's just as much a born bully as he is a cheat and a skinflint.

“I always reckoned you was a skinflint,” yelled one of the party.

I call it getting a bit on account by forcing the hand of a skinflint.

Skinflint, an old and popular simile for a close-fisted, stingy person.

When Skinflint Sam says that the price of flour is up—well, then, it is up; and that's all there is about it.

So all in all, Skinflint Sam can make trouble for the folk that make trouble for him.

And then he told me what I have told you—all about Skinflint Sam and his dealings with him.

Mr. Sackett was characterized as a skinflint of the worst kind.

But Skinflint is an invaluable fellow to lead a forlorn-hope.

I was afraid my mother might suffer in consequence, with such a skinflint.