Skinny [adjective]

Definition of Skinny:

very thin

Synonyms of Skinny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skinny:

Sentence/Example of Skinny:

When he approached a window you could see through his ribs, so skinny had he become.

How can you ever love such a skinny homely thing as I am now!

But he wished that he might lay hands on that kid brother of Skinny's.

He clawed at the air with skinny fingers, and tried to speak.

Terry, I always thought of you as being—sort of skinny, but you're as hard as nails.

I'm too skinny, and too thin through, and my complexion's too good.

He's awful smart, Skinny is, but he's not like what you think of a genius.

Anyway, Skinny used judo, I guess, because there wasn't much of a fight.

Of course when Skinny got through with them, they worked fine.

So anyway, after Skinny got the batteries recharged, we put it back.