Skipper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Skipper:

"Your story is quite to the point, Skipper," said the Doctor.

In the dory the skipper, bending at his oars, was not two yards astern.

As I mounted, our wagonmaster rode by me, busy as a skipper in a storm.

Old Captain Hopkin's was master, and our present skipper was mate.

She has also a skipper, who is something of a character in his way.

Mr. Milne pooh-poohs my fears, and says it is only the "skipper's little way."

Hannah don't like that; 'cordin' to her notion Kenelm hadn't ought to have any skipper but her.

The skipper's arms were around his waist and the skipper's thin legs twisted about his own.

You've got a skipper aboard the Fair Harbor already, 87 haven't you?

Me and the skipper had some words and I told him where he could go.