Skirmishing [noun]

Definition of Skirmishing:


Synonyms of Skirmishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skirmishing:

Sentence/Example of Skirmishing:

Went with Pierre to the summit of Skirmish Hill, and took angles.

The skirmish lasted about fifteen minutes, the enemy firing from the houses.

I cut him nigh to the saddle-bow in a skirmish on the eve of Dunbar.

But after a skirmish or two, what with the roads and what with the enemy, our horses were foundered and useless.

Have you forgot the skirmish on the Rhine bank, when you did flash your snapphahn at me?

Rademacher had been buried immediately after the skirmish with all honors.

The time for Border feud and skirmish was already well-nigh past.

The expenditure of ammunition during this skirmish was great.

There ensued a skirmish approaching in dignity to an engagement.

He who is not faithful in a skirmish would not be faithful in an Armageddon.