Skirted [verb]

Definition of Skirted:

border; be on the edge

Synonyms of Skirted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skirted:

Sentence/Example of Skirted:

We found the road, and the village of Horton, and skirted the last, until all was clear.

Tired and weighted, she dared not try the leap; she skirted around.

He was passing a thicket that skirted the road, when a cautious "Hist!"

They skirted the house and found the stable door open as Blake had left it.

He could see its face through the leaves as he skirted the shore of the lagoon.

For a long way he skirted the rim rock that edged the sheer bluff.

With her white wings she has skirted the edge of the dusk with an incredible calm.

He skirted round the base of the hill till we were on the side remote from the tribe.

He skirted the dining-room by a wide detour, and entered the courtyard at the side.

He turned and skirted the villa wall, determined on reconnoitring first.