Skirting [verb]

Definition of Skirting:

border; be on the edge

Synonyms of Skirting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skirting:

Sentence/Example of Skirting:

Continuing their inspection, they went on, skirting the hillside.

After skirting the covert, she turned homewards by a pathway through the trees.

The old dame entered, skirting warily the vicinity of the "madman."

I started back at the gallop, skirting the side of the valley.

We ran along the road, skirting the edge of the little town.

Then skirting a big beadle in blue, policemen, and loungers, I reached the box-office.

Skirting the edge of the cone they emerged from the woods and came to the border of a village.

Skirting in and out, we saw about three miles of houseboats on sampans.

To sail along it, keeping parallel to or skirting its dangers.

Before long the Barracouta and her tow were skirting the eastern ledges.