Skulked [verb]

Definition of Skulked:

lurk; shirk

Synonyms of Skulked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skulked:

Sentence/Example of Skulked:

The Kaffir did not condescend to make answer, but skulked into the hut.

And so she got away, and skulked slowly up stairs to her own room.

It had long since skulked off, but no one thought of pursuit, as all were too anxious about Jan.

They have skulked out, like traitors as they be, knowing our absence at the feast.

I skulked in the scrub as he came up—just behind a clump of wattle.

They skulked along the watercourse and at the edge of the thicket.

You have skulked this question long enough; you will have to account for them!

While the magic lantern was showing, I skulked without in the dark.

Mr. St. John went on, and Lewis skulked to his seat, in his wake.

I skulked for my poor life in my own wood of Tunstall, Dick.