Skulking [verb]

Definition of Skulking:

lurk; shirk

Synonyms of Skulking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skulking:

Sentence/Example of Skulking:

Their notion of war was midnight skulking and shooting from behind safe cover.

Certainly not; for that sort of thing is an excuse for skulking, and has been the ruin of many an army.

The savages, flushed with success, were skulking every where.

He thought he was in Castletown, skulking under the walls of the castle.

The man that is tame in times of peace is a skulking woman in times of war.

Some of them might be skulking around, glad to take a shot at us.

I'm not of the sort that go about skulking under false names.

Officers have the right of resigning, and some of them have the habit of skulking, I have heard.

Or had the skulking Martian outside broken this lock as he had broken the other?

I saw three or four skulking helmeted figures, and they saw us!