Skullcaps [noun]

Definition of Skullcaps:

small hat

Synonyms of Skullcaps:








Opposite/Antonyms of Skullcaps:


Sentence/Example of Skullcaps:

He looked like a Frenchman, by the way, and always wore a skullcap.

At one time he had had a fancy, for his health, to wear a sort of skullcap.

He took off his skullcap, and passed his hand over his soft white hair.

The merchant debated, removing his skullcap, smoothing his grizzled fringe of curls, fitting the cap on again deliberately.

Solly Gumble removed his skullcap, fluffed his scanty ring of curls, and drew on the cap again.

She smiled, and put up a hand to pat at her white hair under the Elizabethan skullcap.

We can understand, therefore, why Plumard screamed aloud when Bahuchet tried to remove his skullcap.

Mera is represented wearing a different head-dress in each figure; in one he has a short wig, in the other a skullcap.

A skullcap rested on his silvered hair, and he felt the ground uncertainly with his gold-headed stick.

Simon rose, and found himself looking down at the skullcap on top of the pope's head.