Skunk [noun]

Definition of Skunk:


Synonyms of Skunk:

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Sentence/Example of Skunk:

Was the occupant a rat or a skunk, and if so, what was he going to do?

Of course the puppy barked; of course the skunk did not like it.

Why, there are a whole lot of skunk farms all over the Northern States.

Because I've got a whole lot of respect for the skunk family.

The Pole-cat or Skunk is about the size of a kitten eight months old.

He abandoned her like a skunk, and his people threw the blame on her for tempting him.

Once fairly hit by this fluid, I imagine most animals will drop the skunk.

Perdition to the land where a man could not live unless he was a skunk or a cur.

It won't do any harm for you to know the kind of skunk you're workin' for.

There was a Jimmy Skunk then, just as there is now, and he was head of all the Skunk family.