Skyline [noun]

Definition of Skyline:

sky and earth line

Synonyms of Skyline:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skyline:


Sentence/Example of Skyline:

With one hand she indicated the prairie that billowed away to the skyline.

Then, free of New York's skyline, the flying building was gone with a rush.

To the left of Fricourt, the spur rises slowly into a skyline.

The whitish parapet makes the skyline to observers in the English line.

In an old engraving, dated 1815, two figures are still to be seen on the skyline.

I can remember all that,” said he, “keenly, right up to the skyline.

For a second he was silhouetted against a skyline, then he plunged down.

One after another Breed saw them flash over the skyline and disappear.

But then the skyline to the left, somehow, had the same look too.

These grew dim and I watched for the runners to come up on the skyline.