Slackening [noun]

Definition of Slackening:


Synonyms of Slackening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slackening:

Sentence/Example of Slackening:

"I'm sorry, dear," he exclaimed, slackening his pace reluctantly.

To keep the business from slackening, Andre-Louis prepared a new scenario every week.

I had suffered too much; I wanted rest, woman's love, slackening off.

There was no sign of slackening speed and everything appeared to be all right.

After a time the animals seemed to him to be slackening their speed.

And sometimes it comes to us; but the absence of it is no reason for slackening our work.

"Seventeen chapters are done," she answered, slackening her pace a little.

He went up to him without an instant's slackening of his steady step.

And then, with the slackening of her vigilance, came the slackening of her entire mind.

In any event, there was no shifting of the helm, no slackening of speed.