Slacker [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slacker:

The more intense his thinking, the slacker was the droop of his lower jaw.

A slacker is a dirty dog who does what I wanna do but am afraid to do.

Well, in any event, they would not call him a slacker or a coward.

And being a slacker consists in not doing the work which you ought to do.

She did not like to be called a slacker, particularly by Loveday.

Now an embusqu is a slacker who lies in the safe ambush of a soft job.

I enjoyed that year thoroughly; I had ceased to be a slacker.

"They're gittin' married because every blamed one of 'em is a slacker," said Alf forcibly.

He who fails at such a time to be a crowd-man and our own sort of a crowd-man is a "slacker."

Too often the guilds gave protection to the slacker who managed to get by.