Slain [adjective]

Definition of Slain:


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Sentence/Example of Slain:

One had already been slain by a bolt, so that there were but four upon their feet.

The castle is taken and on fire, the seneschal is slain, and there is nought left for us.

The Mantineans suffered severely in their retreat, but of the Argives only a few were slain.

His numbers were very inferior, and almost the whole were slain.

Both Ned and his sister understand that their father was slain in battle, about this time.

He was my father, Sire, and I saw him slain—aye, and slew the slayer.

Men led up the sleek cattle to be slain for the feast of the gods.

In the classes above them the supernatural has been slain by the supercilious.

Has he slain what was holiest in him to obtain gifts from Fashion or Mammon?

The reply was, “If all the Europeans save one are slain, that one will remain to fight and reconquer.”