Slandered [verb]

Definition of Slandered:

make a scandalous remark

Opposite/Antonyms of Slandered:

Sentence/Example of Slandered:

They must have 237 slandered him and driven her away with lies.

Reid must have slandered him; there was the stamp of slander in his wide, thin mouth.

For He must endure to be reviled and slandered, to the highest degree.

He had not then betrayed, and brought to the scaffold, and slandered his benefactor.

Is not Claudio a villain, that has slandered, scorned, and dishonoured my cousin?

We begin to perceive how much the alligator has been slandered.

You could know my office by instinct, and be hanged, which you have slandered most abominably.

But already I see whence this comes; that wicked cousin has slandered us!

Indeed, I was always anxious to befriend him until he robbed and slandered me.

I was not myself at the moment, and my tongue must have slandered me.