Slandering [noun]

Definition of Slandering:

scandalous remark

Synonyms of Slandering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slandering:

Sentence/Example of Slandering:

I shall be good friends with her, when you are no longer here to slander me to her.

It was a slander, they could not, they would not believe it.

He tould me your honour—which is a slander, as we all here can witness, can't we?

We should not so slander the author of the Shakespearean plays.

Life is too brief to spend much thought on taunts or slander.

She didn't deserve one word of it, and it was your lies that made me slander her.

But to say that Rossetti felt the slander does not express his sense of it.

Why,” he added with impatience, “it lays me wide open to suspicion and slander.

Now established love, it is well known, thrives wondrously on slander.

Slander nips it like a frost; in deadliness it is second only to ridicule.