Slanted [adjective]

Definition of Slanted:

at a slant

Synonyms of Slanted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slanted:

Sentence/Example of Slanted:

It had struck in the back and slanted along the shoulder blade.

And she laughed at him out of her green eyes that slanted so enchantingly.

She drew down the slanted brows with a delicious effect of surprise.

They sailed out from the timber and across and slanted down into a gulch.

As they examined it, they saw that it slanted steeply downward.

These were stuck in the ground, and slanted over the flames to roast.

The air was getting dim with the fine, hard snow that slanted through it.

A shaft of golden light, aswarm with motes, slanted in the quietness.

Your eyes so slanted, so dark a green they seem black usually too.

The vessel had slanted down toward the bows at an angle of about 36 degrees.