Slapdash [adjective]

Definition of Slapdash:


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Sentence/Example of Slapdash:

There was no place here for the slapdash, smoking girl of the present day.

For to him it was intolerable to think in a hurry, to jump to slapdash decisions, to act on instincts that could not be explained.

It is easy in a slapdash manner to lavish sarcasms on a King who presented many tempting opportunities for satire.

It stands out in contrast to American slapdash, puerile-minded pretenses at dictionary treatises on cowboy life.

It is too hurried and slapdash, and I may have quite different opinions after we have calmed down a bit.

Balzac wrote the stranger a slapdash of a letter, as he was always doing, and forgot the incident.