Slashing [adjective]

Definition of Slashing:


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Sentence/Example of Slashing:

In the forests the loggers were tearing and slashing into all but the remnant of the 96 timber.

Sail had been lowered by slashing away the ropes that held the yards.

“You and Mattawa are about through with that slashing contract,” he said.

A thrust, a slashing blow, and the Drilgo was weltering in his life-blood.

An instant later he was locked in the clutch of the yelling, slashing Apache.

At the head walked the beadle, slashing about at the little boys.

The man who labored to hold abreast of Morgan was slashing at the rope.

Then he drew his sword and with two slashing strokes severed the ladder.

“Curate was he; a slashing trade that,” was the brutal reply.

The breeze is now blowing at force eight; or, as we should say, "slashing."