Slated [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Slated:

As the Judge had said, his client was conceded to be slated for conviction.

He is a professor of canonical law and slated for a German bishopric.

Like as not I'm slated to be one of the biggest Hallowe'en victims.

He had taken a slated, one-storied cottage in the heart of the village.

I was slated for out here—the recuperation hospital at Denver.

For many years it was a thatched edifice, but now has a slated roof.

Wonder if any other members of the Pittston team are slated to go?

When they entered the stable, I stood by my favourite and slated them.

He was slated for discharge but sent first before the employment manager.

It was the day just preceding that on which the athletic meet was slated to be held.