Slating [verb]

Definition of Slating:

designate, select

Synonyms of Slating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slating:

Sentence/Example of Slating:

And this was all the result of the slating the press gave to Mavis Clare!

The timbers of the roof are on, and we are beginning to board it for slating.

It fell to a critic on the Westminster Gazette to do the out and out "slating."

Somebody in their papers has been slating the Dayspring properties, and there's a good deal of stock they couldn't work off.

The matter of the poem is praised; the “slating” is only for the form and metres.

The critic reviewed a premire we had just given, slating every one but myself, and saying that I belonged on the world-stage.

Or, slake lime in tar, and into it dip sheets of the thickest brown paper, to be laid on in the manner of slating.

Wy, it's worth a fair six d a week jest to see 'em a slating Old Chips!