Slattern [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slattern:

It is true that Nanny was a slattern, but only because she married into slavery.

From her I learned that because one is an actress it is not necessary to be a slattern.

It was still early in the day and there was something of the slattern in her dragging gown.

It seemed to her that they would mock her as the slattern had mocked her, should she appeal to them.

I took a sort of hate against her, she was such a slattern and so inquisitive.

For, if he lived, he was going to drag her off himself, but he wouldn't make her a slattern.

You don't suppose I mean to be a slattern if we are ever so poor.

Even if you have your own work to do, there is no necessity why you should be a dowdy or a slattern.

I could not but admire a certain degree of slattern elegance about the baggage.

I fancy my predecessor must have been a "slattern," for everything was thick with dust.