Slavering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slavering:

At the age of seven he had sailed with Cain in a slaver, and had ever since continued with him.

She was a slaver recently captured off Bahia, and ordered to be sold by the Admiralty.

In which service, or pretended service, you commanded a slaver?

They smelled the blood on his head, and a slaver ran from their jaws.

Of all mad creatures, if the learned are right, It is the slaver kills, and not the bite.

If a slaver, she was not likely to yield tamely if she had a chance of escape.

I wonder whether the other boat has fallen in with the slaver.

She may be a slaver, and if so, I know not whether we should be better off than we now are.

The breeze was freshening, and the slaver made all sail away from the boat.

There could be little doubt from her appearance that she was a slaver.