Slavery [noun]

Definition of Slavery:

state of working under duress or without freedom

Synonyms of Slavery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slavery:

Sentence/Example of Slavery:

It was asserted that the system was only slavery under another name.

To be the slave of a husband was the worst of all slavery except self-slavery!

And certainly, when work is made detestable by slavery, there is no art.

"And so is your slavery," said Tetreius, and his eyes shone.

But so long as slavery is tolerated, no such peace can exist.

Ours is a government of opinion, and slavery is interwoven with it.

Change the current of opinion, and slavery will be swept away.

Our Union is tottering to its foundation, and slavery is the cause.

From Maine to Florida, gentlemen, the answer must be the same, slavery.

Governor Bernard threw his influence on the side of slavery.