Slayer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Slayer:

It was necessary that the Spaniards be pacified, and the slayer could not be found.

He was my father, Sire, and I saw him slain—aye, and slew the slayer.

He was, in fact, a slayer of beasts—a foreman at the slaughter-house.

They sought for the slayer of their friend with diligence and zeal.

By his dress he knew that he was his pursuer and Spurling's slayer.

The blood could not possibly have been the victim's, therefore it must have been the slayer's.

That the slayer was wounded indeed we know, since there was blood upon Godolphin's sword.

Name of Vishnu in his aspect of slayer of the proud demon, Madhu.

In half an hour the slayer of the trader was brought on board.

First, the criminal who slays; then the sophist who defends the slayer.