Slaying [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Slaying:

The sphinx did not slay herself until her riddle had been guessed.

When Cain wished to slay his brother, he was at no loss for a weapon.

I will mend the sword and Siegfried shall use it to slay the dragon.

Sometimes they slay their own wives, and invite their neighbours to the repast.

He will slay more men in a day than a troop of horse in a ten-mile chase.

It was their custom to slay the unjust, and to come to the aid of the oppressed.

You cannot slay them all—and if you did, there would be more.

The one will kill the other; the iron will slay the stone, and the time is not very far off.

He was her betrayer, her assassin, for he tried to slay her soul.

My son will be here presently,” said she, “and he will slay thee.