Sleek [adjective]

Definition of Sleek:

smooth, glossy

Synonyms of Sleek:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sleek:

Sentence/Example of Sleek:

And Mr. Beaufort patted the sleek neck of his favourite hunter.

His complexion was pale and sodden, and his hair short, dark, and sleek.

Men led up the sleek cattle to be slain for the feast of the gods.

"That's part of my business," he heard Burnham say in his sleek, oleaginous accents.

With these steeds, so well fitted for hunting, were twelve sleek, fleet hounds.

She stroked the sleek necks of the colts and handed them bunches of grass.

So did his person, which was sleek though free from corpulency.

The door opened and in walked Mike with the sleek goose under his arm.

Grip soon recovered his looks, and became as glossy and sleek as ever.

If he had suffered in the midst of all that sleek fatness, he had deserved to suffer.