Sleekness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sleekness:

This gentleman was of the City class; he carried an air of sleekness.

They had an air of sleekness and delicacy that made them seem out of place.

Toby, for all his sleekness and hymn-singing, he is an iron fellow!

Grace and ardour, sleekness of coat and buoyancy of limbs are gone out of them.

There should be means enough for present sleekness and present luxury.

Hunter's morning sleekness annoyed Edith, who felt dowdy and unkempt after a bad night.

The presence of oil in the hair results in a false impression of sleekness and seemingly darker pigmentation.

The sleekness of the mules appealed to his desire to rid himself of the unmanageable stud.

The sense of sleekness does not appear to be required in Homer: but it may be a derivative from that of whiteness.

Its skin was, so far as it could be seen, altogether devoid of scales, appearing rather to resemble in sleekness that of a seal.