Sleepiness [noun]

Definition of Sleepiness:


Synonyms of Sleepiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sleepiness:

Sentence/Example of Sleepiness:

He was sleepy, that was all; but a sleepiness to fight against—he must still fight.

But they ignored his sleepiness, and he would not move away from their company.

He saw her face, and the dim light, and the sleepiness was suddenly gone from him.

My sleepiness seemed to have left me, and all my wits were at work.

When freezing to death a man feels overcome with sleepiness and stupor.

I saw Nettleship for the first time showing signs of sleepiness.

And so I was suddenly seized with a fit of sleepiness, which broke off our conversation.

Sleepiness is worse in some ways, though not so bad for the other people.

It was very pleasant to Darrow that she made no effort to talk or to dissemble her sleepiness.

I am beginning to get impatient with the Brazilian sleepiness and ignorance.