Sleeping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sleeping:

Or is there really no sin but in thought, and are our sleeping thoughts incapable of sin?

The sea is sleeping sapphire that wakes to cream and crash upon the beach.

A man is but a beast as he lives from day to day, eating and drinking, breathing and sleeping.

He had been sleeping badly since Sidney's announcement of her engagement.

All the houses were of two stories, of which the upper was open on the sides, and used for sleeping.

Keep me in my duty from sleeping on my post and from false security.

I made him come—old grandfather, sleeping there: he does not count, but you—you!

"It is only a sleeping potion," said the enchantress to Prince Jason.

You have now your personal things for eating, sleeping and riding.

So run away to your dreams now, that Santa Claus may find you sleeping.'