Sleeplessness [noun]

Definition of Sleeplessness:

inability to sleep soundly

Synonyms of Sleeplessness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sleeplessness:

Sentence/Example of Sleeplessness:

He would never have gone to his father's room for refuge from sleeplessness.

He dreaded the demon of sleeplessness, which he felt had marked him for its own.

He had suffered from sleeplessness, but was not otherwise unwell.

Her face was very pale, and her eyes were red, as if from sleeplessness or weeping.

Opium should not be used unless the patient suffers from sleeplessness.

They also burned, and his head was full of a sort of vacant daze, from sleeplessness.

Feverishness and sleeplessness now naturally show themselves.

Then silence fell again, and no one was the wiser for Theodora's sleeplessness.

There is only one excuse for drunkenness, and that is sleeplessness.

Lydia raised her white face, haggard and livid with sleeplessness and anxiety.