Sleight [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sleight:

I got it out of him, by sleight of hand—where we had met before.

That was one of the miracles we asked you the sleight of, and are you going to say nothing about that?

The treatises on sleight of hand give the method of executing this trick.

Of course, there are tricks of sleight of hand by which the conclusion is evaded.

Yet in these seeming miracles there is nothing of "black art" or sleight of hand.

We got out of that nasty corner by sleight of hand, but not your sleight of hand, pasha.

How do the jury know that a sleight of hand had not changed the note at Coffin's?

“Sounds to me like a sleight of hand performer,” murmured Bess.

Lindstrom fell for her yarn that it was sleight of hand—but it was HC.

We should be absolutely safe from assault or sleight of hand.