Slewed [verb]

Definition of Slewed:

bounce off; turn aside

Synonyms of Slewed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slewed:

Sentence/Example of Slewed:

He was redder in the face than ever, and his wig was almost off his head, it was so slewed aside.

The engines stopped and we slewed into the bank and dropped anchor.

Do you suppose you are a prisoner here because I slewed on you?

First, the sail-boat checked and slewed; 'aground,' I concluded.

And the wind had slewed round from south-west to west, with a flirting to north.

He had been wearing his pistol at his side, he now slewed it around to his hip.

The men were backing out of its way, when suddenly it slewed round its tail.

Saurin slewed round, got the sight well on its head, and pulled again.

She had slewed somewhat, bringing her jibbooms to bear upon the ship.

Then, because he had been stopped and slewed a little from his course, he just went back the way he had come.