Sliced [verb]

Definition of Sliced:

cut into portions, shares

Synonyms of Sliced:

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Sentence/Example of Sliced:

He sliced it into bits, and she took them daintily from between his fingers.

Then put in the steaks, and (if you like them) some sliced onions.

You may add turnips (pared and sliced) to the other vegetables.

Allow a pound of loaf-sugar to every pound of the sliced pine-apple.

Grease a pie-dish, and put a layer of sliced potatoes at the bottom.

To a quart of vinegar put an ounce of white pepper, an ounce of sliced ginger, a little mace and pimento, all boiled together.

Season them with pepper and salt, lay them into a stewpan with some sliced onion, and cover them with water and a little gravy.

To every gallon of spring water add one ounce of sliced white ginger, one pound of lump sugar, and two ounces of lemon juice.

The articles before-mentioned may then be added, with sliced turnips and carrots, and boiled together till the broth is good.

She sliced on through and Stan had to nose her down to keep her from falling like a rock.