Slid [verb]

Definition of Slid:

move smoothly; move down

Synonyms of Slid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slid:

Sentence/Example of Slid:

The past slid from him so easily, he forgot even to try to forget.

But Allister slid out of his saddle and Dozier stayed in his.

He was so astonished at what he saw that he slid behind the open door out of sight.

Linda slid down the side of the canyon with the deftness of the expert.

After a little, he slid to the ground and limped over to her.

Linda slid her hand across Katy's lips and gathered her close in her arms.

It slid off now at sight of Cornelia Opp's serene, sweet face.

"Pound and four ounces," he announced, and slid the fish into his basket.

Miss Georgie blushed very red, and slid the thing into her pocket.

She slid open the door quietly and stepped out into the passage.