Slides [verb]

Definition of Slides:

move smoothly; move down

Synonyms of Slides:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slides:

Sentence/Example of Slides:

This caused the other ends to slide, and all the sweeps got away from me.

By putting the stick under my legs I was able to slide down to the bottom.

If I owned it, the slide is the first thing I would destroy.

Nevertheless, while Wat fumbled for the button that released the slide, he took a chance.

But his vision was limited to that part of the room framed by the slide.

Slowly, very slowly, he pressed the button to release the slide.

Then I promptly forgot all about her and ran off into a warehouse where the gang had gone to slide.

And he recalled the "slide" of other days, the box which turned within the wall.

"Perhaps we could slide down the beams and save him," remarked Pierre.

"Only another of my dreams," he thought, and he laid his hand on the slide to close it.