Sliding [verb]

Definition of Sliding:

move smoothly; move down

Synonyms of Sliding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sliding:

Sentence/Example of Sliding:

A soft, sliding hillock of sand lay directly in front of them.

Wally and Jack were sliding their chairs back from the table preparing to follow him.

I have been sliding off and clambering on ever since I bade goodbye to Havant.

White Fang, sliding by in quest of meat, stopped and began to eat the chips.

Its nose was to the trail, and it trotted with a peculiar, sliding, effortless gait.

These were penetrated with sliding shutters, which stood open.

Royalties were to be paid on a sliding scale, and, from the very first, they were large.

The German was sliding down the bank into the water as he spoke.

The cut should be made with a sliding movement of the knife.

"Just a minute," he added, striving to keep his voice from sliding the scale.