Slighted [verb]

Definition of Slighted:

offend, insult

Opposite/Antonyms of Slighted:

Sentence/Example of Slighted:

But he admired Hester, and the more she slighted him the more he was determined to force her to like him.

I should not have a doubt of it were she slighted for any other woman in the world than her own mother.

Does he imagine that Olivia is to be slighted with impunity?

For many months she had put the subject away, but it was too big to be slighted now.

You had wooed and slighted me, yet you had made me love you, and if you were not for me I swore you should be for no other.

It swam on the water, and dived, but it was slighted by every creature because of its ugliness.

"It was Paul Hunt that she slighted, man," said Stocmar, half sneeringly.

I was outraged beyond endurance: she had slighted, he had insulted me!

You can bear to think of her, slighted for the daughter of an American tradesman.

They should not be slighted or forgotten during such a period.