Slightly [adverb]

Definition of Slightly:

a little

Opposite/Antonyms of Slightly:

Sentence/Example of Slightly:

The old man completed this anecdote in tones that were slightly inflamed.

Grace had eaten little and drunk nothing; but Howe was slightly stimulated.

Her comely face was slightly flushed, doubtless with the exercise of walking.

We left it slightly ajar to create a draft; the night was warm.

She was slightly disappointed, on reaching home, to find that Eileen was not there.

For an instant she stood still, and, slightly trembling, looked at him.

His fingers encountered a flame, and were slightly scorched.

She stooped ever so slightly and touched the upstanding mop of his wavy hair.

My father I slightly remember; but of my mother I retain no distinct impressions.

They will bake in a few minutes, and should be but slightly coloured.