Slingshot [noun]

Definition of Slingshot:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Slingshot:


Sentence/Example of Slingshot:

John Wilson said, "He should have had that one with a slingshot."

If he goes on with these fairy stories he will merely measure us coolly for a slingshot.

One had to be equally expert with a blaster and a slingshot when the occasion demanded.

A sparrow is always fair game for the boy with a slingshot or rifle.

Jim and Charity were dazed as if some footpad had struck them over the head with a slingshot.

As I scrambled to my feet and ran a few feet again I was hit on the shoulder with a slingshot.

The slingshot and the looped line, which had served such a useful purpose in securing birds, continued to be of prime importance.

The pellet bow, a form of slingshot, was also common in the earliest times.

Tiradur ang ipayhag sa balay sa putyúkan, Smash the beehive with a slingshot.

Tiradura ang manuk nga nanuktuk sa binlad, Shoot the chicken that is pecking at the rice with a slingshot.