Slink [verb]

Definition of Slink:

creep by

Synonyms of Slink:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slink:


Sentence/Example of Slink:

He waited his opportunity to slink out of camp to the woods.

He would have succeeded, nevertheless, had he not been so ready to slink off as soon as you looked at him.

You can't hope to slink past a cunning, wide-awake, evil brute like he was.

I believe my faith the higher, the better for mankind—Am I to slink away?

Can I slink by a side-road out of sight of my own intelligence?'

In an instant, before the villain could slink away, I had him by the neck.

For a moment I was abashed and would have liked to slink out of sight.

But he had one sentence more to hear before he was suffered to slink away.

The fact is, he fears man and will slink sway at his approach.

Most other snakes will try and slink into a corner, or hide up.